Productivity lab for JavaScript chart developers

Make Better Charts in Less Time

Stop wasting time styling your charts.

Stop guessing how to toggle titles, legend, axes etc.

Customize charts with no technical knowledge required.

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Generic simple sidebar editor for all chart libraries.

Live customizable charts.

Templates with dozens of charts each.

Toggles to hide or show most visual chart elements.

Empty points and edge cases.

Better interactive legend.

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Examples of Chart Templates

Here are two entries from the huge list of chart templates.

Each template entry shows just one or two of all template charts.

You click on a template title to go see all its charts.

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Examples of Template Charts

Range Areas
Range Spline Areas
Stream Graph

Here are just three charts from the first previous template.

Most charts inside are live, built on the fly, and customizable from a sidebar editor.

Access each chart's generated source code, or change it in a playground.

Customize These Charts

Browse Templates by a Charting Library

All charts are generated with free or commercial third-party charting libraries.

Supporting over a dozen of JavaScript charting libraries today.

Support for the Microsoft ASP.NET Chart Control as well.

More chart applications are added almost every month.

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Browse Templates by a Chart Type

Supporting over one hundred chart types at this time. Here are just a few.

New chart types are added almost every month.

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Browse Templates by a Chart Category

Chart types are grouped into categories, for easier navigation.

Exposing over a dozen of chart categories, each with one or more chart types.

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