AnyChart is a Utah/USA based private company, founded in 2003. Their AnyChart suite is based on the open-source SVG/VML-based GraphicsJS, based on D3, with both a fluent and JSON style. It renders SVG and 3D charts.

The company used to provide Flash-based solutions, then shifted to HTML5 before 2011. They abandoned Flash in 2014. Their customers include Oracle, 3M, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Ford, Volkswagen, Samsung, Nokia, etc.

Local time in Park City, UT, USA: Wed 2:53 PM (GMT-6:00)


The company produces and sells the JavaScript charting libraries AnyChart, AnyStock, AnyMap, and AnyGantt. The products are free for non-commercial, education or non-profit organizations.

How to Use

Featured Version:

You may download the products locally and reference each required script file. The whole library, or parts of the library, can be also referenced from remote CDN Internet script files, and you'll have nothing to download.

Our templates provide you full JavaScript files for each chart, with local CSS, local JS code and remotely referenced CDN script files. Change these references if you want to use a different version or CDN. And remember that you still need to purchase a valid license from AnyCharts for commercial use.

Themes and Colors

AnyChart offers many built-in predefined themes: defaultTheme, coffee, monochrome, morning, sea, pastel, wines, v6 (for old version 6). It also offers pairs of turquoise, provence, glamour, earth, and blue light/dark themes. Related built-in predefined color template are: default, blue, earth, glamour, provence, turquoise, coffee, monochrome, morning, pastel, sea, wines, and 6x.

Builtin Color Palette: NCP 20

Our Extended Features

  • thin bars
  • reversed charts
  • hide chart's background/border/shadow
  • hide plot's background/border/shadow
  • single switch for graph only
  • single switch for whole plot's area
  • switch for chart's title and subtitle
  • emulated chart subtitle
  • switch for chart's legend
  • interactive legend with single series visible
  • hidden legend for single-series charts
  • toggle horizontal/vertical gridlines
  • switch for X/Y axis title
  • switch for X/Y axis labels
  • switch for slanded X/Y axis labels
  • format X/Y axis labels
  • styled 3D charts
  • show/hide data labels
  • inside/outside data labels
  • percent/value data labels
  • show vertical data labels
  • switch for user interactivity
  • toggle animation
  • slower/faster animation
  • toggle styled tooltips
  • toggle crosshairs
  • toggle trackball
  • add source code error handling
  • explode pie/doughnut
  • shadowed chart title
  • CSS chart background
  • CSS chart border
  • CSS chart shadow
  • interlaced grid bands
  • plot gradient background
  • line cap and join styles
  • adding a goal line
  • adding a goal range
  • image markers from custom marker palettes
  • emulated SVG series shadows
  • Google Fonts
  • CSS text transformations
  • scalable font size
  • gradient bubbles
  • area with/without line
  • transparent series
  • monochrome series
  • switch to gray monochrome series
  • negative values with alternative color
  • empty points with broken/continuous series
  • hidden pie/doughnut slice
  • edge data cases
  • color palette templates
  • custom/builtin color palette always in clear
  • custom pattern palette always in clear
  • builtin marker palette symbols always in clear
  • custom chart for no data

Our Extended Chart Types

All Chart Types
















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