Chart.js is a free open-source project hosted on GitHub. It provides simple and flexible 2D responsive JavaScript charting for designers and developers, using the HTML5 Canvas element. Chart.js supports eight main chart types, each of them animated and customizable.


Chart.js is a FREE open-source community maintained project, available under the MIT license. Contributions are welcome and donations are appreciated.

How to Use

Featured Version: 2.7.1

You can download the latest version from GitHub or use a Chart.js CDN. An alternative build includes Moment.js, used to handle the datetime axes from JavaScript.

Our templates provide you full JavaScript files for each chart, with local CSS, local JS code and remotely referenced CDN script files. Change these references if you want to use a different version or CDN.

Themes and Colors

Chart.js has no built-in predefined themes. and no built-in predefined sets of colors. We derived however one defaut color palette from their samples, to be used when no custom color palette is defined.

Builtin Color Palette: Default Colors from Chart.js

Our Extended Features

  • default color palette
  • custom color palette always in clear

Our Extended Chart Types

All Chart Types

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