Microsoft Chart is an ASP.NET server-side chart control offered for free by Microsoft. The control has no animation, is not JavaScript-based, and is rendered by the web server as a static built-on-the fly temporary image. It offers a large number of chart types, including 3D charts. Original chart controls have been bought from Dundas in 2007, and have been maintained for a while at Microsoft by Alex Gorev.

Local time in Redmond, WA, USA: Sat 8:12 AM (GMT-7:00)


Microsoft ASP.NET Chart is a FREE control included in the .NET Framework, for the Windows platform. There is nothing to download or to acquire separately. If you have a computer running Windows, the operating system already contains this control, that you can reference and use in ASP.NET MVC or Web Forms applications.

How to Use

Featured Version: 4.7.3062.0

To use the web control, reference the System.Web.DataVisualization .NET assembly, and drop a Chart control from the Toolbox in an ASPX page, from Visual Studio.

Our templates provide the full ASPX page that you may use directly in your projects and adapt for your own needs. One known limitation is you may need to save and reference the eventual remote image files in your local web server.

Themes and Colors

It has no built-in predefined themes, but many custom themes we offer here have been adapted from the online samples. It comes however with 12 built-in predefined color templates, with 10-16 colors each: Bright, Grayscale, Excel, Light, Pastel, EarthTones, SemiTransparent, Berry, Chocolate, Fire, SeaGreen, and BrightPastel.

Builtin Color Palette: NCP 7

Our Extended Features

  • thin bars
  • ring charts
  • nested ring charts
  • arc charts
  • lollipop charts
  • cylinder bars
  • reversed charts
  • hide chart's background/border/shadow
  • hide plot's background/border/shadow
  • single switch for graph only
  • single switch for whole plot's area
  • switch for chart's title and subtitle
  • switch for chart's legend
  • toggle horizontal/vertical gridlines
  • switch for X/Y axis title
  • switch for X/Y axis labels
  • switch for slanded X/Y axis labels
  • format X/Y axis labels
  • styled 3D charts
  • show/hide data labels
  • inside/outside data labels
  • percent/value data labels
  • show vertical data labels
  • switch for user interactivity
  • toggle tooltips
  • add source code error handling
  • explode pie/doughnut
  • explode pyramid/funnel
  • shadowed chart title
  • CSS chart background
  • CSS chart border
  • CSS chart shadow
  • interlaced grid bands
  • plot gradient background
  • plot area shadow
  • line cap and join styles
  • adding a goal line
  • adding a goal range
  • image markers from custom marker palettes
  • legend shadow
  • series shadows
  • text transformations
  • scalable font size
  • custom credits link
  • gradient bubbles
  • see-through series background
  • area with/without line
  • transparent series
  • monochrome series
  • switch to gray monochrome series
  • negative values with alternative color
  • empty points with broken/continuous series
  • hidden pie/doughnut slice
  • edge data cases
  • color palette templates
  • custom chart for no data

Our Extended Chart Types

All Chart Types
















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