Morris.js is a free open-source project hosted on GitHub, a CoffeeScript hidden gem based on the Raphael JS graphic library. It provides a few simple SVG-based 2D JavaScript basic chart types: (vertical only) bars, lines, areas and donuts (no pies!).


Morris.js is a FREE open-source community maintained project, available under the BSD license, started in 2012 by Olly Smith. Main branch has not been maintained since 2014, but there are many forks with extensions of this project.

How to Use

Featured Version: 0.5.0

You can download the latest version from GitHub or use a Morris.js CDN. jQuery (version 1.7 or later) and Raphael (version 2.0 or later) are also required.

Our templates provide you full JavaScript files for each chart, with local CSS, local JS code and remotely referenced CDN script files. Change these references if you want to use a different version or CDN.

Themes and Colors

Morris.js has no built-in predefined themes. and no built-in predefined sets of colors. However, there are some sets of internal colors used for testing, from which we derived custom color palettes.

Builtin Color Palette: Default Colors from Morris.js

Our Extended Features

  • default color palette
  • custom color palette always in clear
  • emulated chart title
  • emulated chart subtitle
  • switch for chart's title and subtitle

Our Extended Chart Types

All Chart Types

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