Overlapping Bars Charts


All templates with Overlapping Bars Charts.


Overlapping bar charts are multi-series charts, with all single series horizontal bars displayed clustered (instead on side-by-side), on a different column, on the 3D perspective. It's like each series' points are one behind the other. First series has all bars visible, in the front column. The other series have their bars partially covered by the series in front.


Our Global Sales demo charts show groups of product quantity totals sold in US, France and UK, in three different years. The multiple series are the US, France and UK countries. The values for each year are 2007, 2008 and 2009. Remark the vertical X axis is a category axis: year values are distributed at equal intervals on the axis. Quantity value bars for each year are displayed one behind the other for each country, with a 3D perspective. All bars for a specific country have a different distinct color. First country uses the first palette color, second country the second palette color and so on.

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