OHLC Charts


All templates with OHLC Charts.


Open-High-Low-Close (OHLC) charts show the same values as the candlesticks, but with thin sticks. Opening stock values appear as small ticks on the left of each "point" (which may be a day, month, or year), closing stock value as small ticks on the right. Remark the continuity in all these charts: the closing value of the preceeding point is the same as the opening value of the next point.


Our Stock Variation single-series demo charts show open and close, high and low values at the end of each year. All our candlestick and OHLC charts, and their variations, use the same main data: open, close, high and low stock values for some random XPSW stock symbol, every year between 1999 and 2016.

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