Waterfall Charts


All templates with Waterfall Charts.


Waterfall charts appear as range column charts where a positive and negative value is added to the previous value. We usually start with a positive value from the baseline, translated into a vertical column. Then, we draw a range column starting from where the previous column ends, and so on. Intermediate sums are vertical columns from the baseline to the current point. A final grand total column, from the current point to the baseline, will complete the chart. The up and down columns may use the same color, unless an alternate color is used for negative variations. Intermediate and end sum columns usually use a neutral gray color.


Our Revenue and Profit demo charts show ascending bars for positive monetary entries, and descending bars for monetary expenses. An intermediate before taxes sum is illustrated by a bar from the horizontal baseline. We show tax deductions by negative values as well, all ended with a grand total bar to the horizotal baseline.

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