Chart Templates has been designed and implemented by Cristian Scutaru, a seasoned software architect and developer. XtractPro Software is my registered business name.

Few years ago I had a central position in evaluating several chart applications, for the new big data module of a large company. I did some prototyping with the old but still impressive Microsoft Chart control. Main focus however was on the new trend of animated and interactive JavaScript chart libraries.

Chart Templates tries to reduce the learning curve and development time using these various chart apps. Just like myself a while ago, developers still waste time today figuring out how to turn on and off standard chart features, such as the legend, title and subtitle, grid axes or labels. On Chart Templates, we do this through a standard visual interface, with simple on/off switches.

Most chart apps today come with several built-in themes. But it still happens you want the themes you've seen at a different product. By creating a large number of styles, applied to huge sets of different chart types, for all featured chart applications, we help you avoid wasting time on styling your charts. It's often hard to find the right combination of colors and fonts, especially when artistic skills are not our main strength.

Vendors offer on their sites many examples of styled charts, but they still miss, most often, a simple switch to apply a different theme, or to expose the same style to different chart types. With our huge library of pre-created charts, chances are you'll no longer have to experiment with your own styles and chart types. You may find the right combination just by looking at our huge number of templates.

No chart application supports all possible features or chart types. However, many features and new chart types can be actually emulated with existing capabilies and types. But most often you find these samples hidden in a forum post, as a customer support answer, with another click separating the immediate visual image from the fiddle. Our site includes hundreds of emulated charts and features. All advertised chart applications look like improved and enhanced. Free and premium templates expose their source code through custom viewers or remote playgrounds, to help you create better charts faster.

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