Frequently Asked Questions

What Chart Templates is

  • huge online repository of customized JavaScript and ASP.NET charts for your software projects.
  • free and premium chart templates and color palettes, with free customer support.
  • productivity lab for chart developers: simple sidebar to toggle legend, title, axes etc.
  • complete sets of charts with advanced beautiful styles, colors, fonts.
  • chart apps enhanced with many new emulated chart types.
  • continuous improvements: new features added constantly for free to any purchase.
  • free advertisement for all featured chart product vendors.

What Chart Template is NOT

  • we do not have our own chart building application (we advertise only third-party chart apps).
  • we do not host online published customer charts (not yet, anyway).
  • we do not offer a complete generic chart builder (not yet, anyway).
  • we cannot feature all possible chart apps (requests to add new products are always welcome).
  • we are not directly affiliated with any of the chart product vendors.

What's in it for Software Developers

  • avoid wasting hours or days finding the right themes, styles, and combination of colors.
  • productivity playground: we save you development time and drastically improve your learning curve.
  • get hacks and tweaks as problem fixes on good-looking customizable working charts.
  • single-click configuration for many visual elements.
  • hundreds of ready-to-use themes and styles.
  • get emulated chart types, extending chart app's capabilities.
  • side-by-side comparisons between chart apps.
  • thousands of generated charts, and color, pattern or image palettes.
  • auto-discovery of internal color palettes and marker symbols.
  • get free or buy premium rich templates, very cheap, with a single-click button.
  • all JavaScript charts are live (not static images), animated and interactive.
  • free, open-source and top commercial chart products, in JavaScript, ASP.NET and more to come.
  • three different chart sizes, adjustable viewer background.

What's in it for Project Managers

  • toggle chart visual elements (legend, title, axes etc) with simple switches, no coding required.
  • create different chart views with zero programing knowledge.
  • select from dozens on styles (colors, fonts, borders, backgrounds etc) applied on live charts.
  • forget about boring charts: be unique and select one style that suits you.
  • compare predefined charts from dozens of top product vendors on the market today.
  • all featured chart applications are enhanced with new emulated chart types.
  • typical chart problem fixes with tweaks and hacks.

What's in it for Product Vendors

  • free advertisement for all featured chart product vendors.
  • your own builtin themes and/or palettes presented in a consistent visual manner.
  • enhancing your product with emulated chart types and features not natively supported.
  • many new visual styles grouped by look&feel.
  • helping customers to make a better choice by looking at thousands of already customized charts.
  • generic sidebar with the same features for all charts.
  • toggle similar and consistent error handling, empty points, edge cases etc in every chart.
  • sit with selected top vendors, with some of the top chart products on the market today.

What a chart template is

  • chart template = set of live customized charts, each with a different type or built with a different application, with similar appearance, behavior or presentation.
  • live = online, usually interactive and animated, built on-the-fly with user's options.
  • appearance = visual style, with cosmetic elements, such as colors, fonts, shadows, borders etc.
  • behavior = dynamic interaction and animation, chart rendering.
  • presentation = multiple views, with or without legend, title, axes etc.

What a palette template is

  • palette template = set of live customized charts, of a special "palette" type, to represent in a visually appealing manner a set of internal or custom colors, patterns or external images used by a chart.
  • color palette = internal or custom set of colors used by a chart. Charts will usually automatically represent the first series with the first palette color, the second series with the second palette color and so on. If there are more series than colors, we restart with the first palette color.
  • pattern palette = internal or custom set of pattern fills used by a chart.
  • image palette = internal or custom set of external images used by a chart.

What you can do with a premium template

  • get full access rights to the source code of any chart within the template.
  • create a huge number of views, with generated code, by toggling sidebar switches.
  • get an archived file with all these charts.
  • customize the source code of any chart in a playground such as jsFiddle or CodePen.
  • get inspired from any chart's look and the source code, to create your own charts.
  • further customize these charts, plug your own data and publish them where you wish.
  • embed any chart into your own HTML pages or blog posts.

What you can NOT do with a premium template

  • share a chart source code, modified or as it is, with other people, outside your organization.
  • publish a chart source code, even modified, on a website (but we always appreciate a backlink).
  • divulge, share or publish algorithms and hacks specifically found only on our website.
  • claim ownership for any chart's code, as paid templates are resources shared with other customers.
  • our Terms of Service page may contain even more info, please check it out

Check before you buy

  • walk through the related templates (for the same chart app), or similar templates (for other products).
  • play with the sidebar switches, to get a huge variety of views for any chart.
  • check third-party licensing, if you may need a commercial license for some chart apps.
  • we cannot refund a purchase: in rare cases, we could only credit the user with the paid amount.
  • never buy a template to later expose in public the source code you gain access to.
  • be aware these charts may change, as we continuously improve their look and generated code.

Why is the site slow

  • we pay a price for using live charts, with heavy client-side processing.
  • every different JavaScript product loads its own heavy scripts.
  • each chart is rendered in a separate frame.
  • most template pages are built on the fly with user-specific options, so they are hard to cache.
  • please refresh browser's page if you don't see all charts properly rendered.
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